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Since 1961, Prairie Springs Fish Farm has been the leading Oregon Fish Stocking Company providing high-quality live fish. Founded in 1959 by Jim and Keity Driscoll and completed in 1961, the fish farm has adopted the mission of providing Oregon with the best-reared fish possible. Jim and Keity’s son, Dan, and wife Deanne, began raising fish in 1987 beginning with sturgeon, adding Rainbow Trout and Steelhead to the farm’s cultivation of species native to the Northwest in 1989. Because the species are all native to the region, they thrive when stocked in local waters. Prairie Springs Fish Farm prides itself on supplying the source of exciting recreational opportunities for the whole family to enjoy. Sadly, we no longer offer sturgeon for sale do to state regulations, however we have 4 we kept as pets in our Ucatch pond. They are now over 30 years old!

We believe about-us-2that water is fundamental to ensure the healthy lifespan of fish, so we only use pure artesian water sourced on the property for hatching and rearing robust, fast-growing fish families. A series of cleaning ditches, settling ponds and wetland filters purify the water before returning it to nature.

Prairie Springs Fish Farm is licensed with the Oregon Department of Fish and Wildlife and always receives transportation permits for each shipment. We use live-haul trucks for deliveries for orders over $500. Most smaller orders can be self-transported. Video Tutorials coming soon!

We purchase fertilized fish eggs and hatch them in incubators twice a year. Our hatch-house holds the fry until they are mature enough to flourish in the outdoor concrete raceways where they live until being sold. Each fish is nourished by a special formula with a precise balance of protein, fat and vitamins.

Whether you’re a first-time buyer or well seasoned in stocking your waters, we have a variety of native species and fish products to make your pond teem with life. We look forward to making you one of our many satisfied customers!

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Want to get started stocking your pond with strong, healthy fish? Contact us via our web form or give us a call at 541-987-2131.

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